Mar 07

4 Prominent Benefits of Website Analysis

website analysisAlmost all businesses today have a website and it’s very important to keep an eye upon the website in order to monitor the growth of business. Web analysis includes collecting data, analyzing it and reporting for the purpose of knowing and optimizing web usage. By analyzing the website you can know the behavior of your visitors. Through web analysis you can know various things like number of visitors, source of visits, page views, viewers’ demographics and actions taken by the visitors. Based on this information, the business owner can take further actions to get better results. Here are top benefits of web analysis.

1. Knowing Your Traffic

You can even get free website analysis and its major benefit is you can come to know how many visitors your website gets and from where, whether from search engines, social media, emails or ads. You can also know which keywords they use to search your type of products and services. Besides, it also shows the number of conversions. This information helps businesses decide which channel they should focus on and invest in more.

2. Number of Visits

Website analysis also offers data about individual visitors and number of times they visit your site. It also shows which page of your site is visited more often. What’s more, it also tells about the visitor’s country and language. Because it lets you know how long visitors stay on the various pages of your website, you can know how engaging those pages are for your visitors. This helps you to improve the less engaging pages and reduce their bounce rate. Also, you come to know about the high engagement time of pages and clicks, and in which product or service your visitors are interested the most.

3. Tracking Bounce Rate

Bouncing refers to when a visitor comes to a page, but leaves it without taking any action like buying something or clicking on any links on that page. Bounce rate means total bounces divided by total visits to the website. If the bounce rate is high, it means that visitors are not getting what they are looking for. Keeping track of bounce rate is very important in order to know what improvements you should make to pages with high bounce rates.

4. Recognizing Exit Pages

Bounce and exit should not be confused to be the same because they are two different things. Unlike a bounce happens when a visitor visits only one page and leaves the site, an exit is one when the visitor visits multiple pages of the site and then leaves. Having a high exit rate is normal for pages like the thank you page after the purchase is done successfully. However if other pages have high exit rate, it indicates some problem which should be corrected.

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