Feb 01

Airy – A Great Tool to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Easily for Mac

Airy - YouTube to mp3 converter for MacSometimes a video is not very appealing, but we love its soundtrack and feel like having it for ourselves to listen to whenever we wish to. If that happens with you, use an app for YouTube to Mac and extract MP3 sound from the video on YouTube and save it to your computer.

YouTube is so popular for watching videos that if someone mentions the word video, we imagine it to be a YouTube video whether or not it really is or from some other site. Naturally, it’s our first choice to watch videos. However, it really sucks when a video is removed for some reasons from YouTube.

Moreover, sometimes we feel like watching a video or listen to its soundtrack, but there is no internet connection. In such conditions, use Airy for downloading and saving MP3 sound of the YouTube video.

Here’s a shot tutorial on how to use Airy to convert a YouTube video to MP3 for Mac.

  • Download: Download and install Airy on your Mac.
  • Select the video you want to save for yourself: Just put the URL of the video into Airy. From the list of formats, choose MP3. Hit ‘download’.
  • Integrate Airy with Your Browser: It’s cool to have Airy in your browser. To do this, click the Airy bookmark when you are a YouTube page of your desired video and the URL will at once be copied to Airy YouTube MP3 downloader Mac for downloading further.
  • Open MP3: The sound you’ve downloaded will be stored in Airy folder among your downloads. It’s extremely easy to locate it – just click Finder button on an Airy file and the file will be displayed.

Why should You Choose Airy?

  • Airy is fast and efficient, because it has no interfering irritating ads
  • Airy is available 24/7 and stands out in the crowd of all the other online converters
  • High quality
  • If for some reason you have to stop the download, Airy pauses and restarts the download just at the point where you left it
  • Airy can process multiple URLs at a time
  • It supports YouTube playlists
  • Thanks to its integration into browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari), Airy is able to grab YouTube downloads straight from the web
  • Airy comes in many languages, including French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and German
  • Airy’s interface is simple and intuitive and so, even a newbie user can navigate through it easily
  • First two downloads are offered for free by Airy

MP3 Format – What is it?

MP3 is a coding format used for digital audio developed by the Moving Pictures Expert Group. It’s also called MPEG-1. Lossy compression algorithm can be stored and audio files can be played by this format, thereby remarkably reducing storage space needed to compile a file without having to lose much of sound quality. Its bit rate is its main quality; the higher the rate, the nearer is the output to the original file and bigger is the file size.