Oct 16

Flip Book Maker – An Excellent Beautifier For Your Photos!

I recently came across an amazing software named Flip Book Maker, with the help of which we can convert PDF files to flipbook, and make a digital magazine. You can also customize your flipping book. It has 20+ templates like baby flipbook template, wedding magazine template, and Christmas magazine template.

The most attractive part of the Flip Book Maker is it is so easy to use that anyone can utilize it, to customize their photos and videos in a creative manner and send to friends or publish on web. The software is not only a flip book maker software, but it is also a flipping book publisher and digital magazine software.

The Flip Book Maker facilitates easy uploading of pictures. Grabbing and dragging the picture to rearrange them is very simple with this software. With a few clicks you can add music to your pictures too! If you don’t have much of audios on your computer, no problem! Flip Book Maker has 9 looping tracks, with a variety of music, like jazzy, relaxing, etc. You can preview each of the tracks before choosing it for your pictures.

You enjoy even more, when you start decorating your pictures! You can do that with the 28 templates of fun designs. To add to your enjoyment, half a dozen of the templates are of holiday themed. The artwork is excellent. Many of them even have multicolored comic designs. For meeting the diverse tastes of users there are some simple and some professional-looking designs too.

The outstanding thing about Flip Book Maker is that, almost every feature of it is customizable. You can put in a design from you computer within the template. E.g. you can change the background. You can customize the style of the picture to tiled, stretched or centered.

You can also choose the position of the buttons of bottom bar of your flipbook, which enables you to move from picture to picture and toggle sound. Here too you get dozens of options.

Title, font size and face, background color in cover page and other pages, etc can be tweaked. You can also use images as backgrounds of your flipbook pages. This makes the pictures look like framed. A table of content can be added to make the flipbook look like a paper book.

Half a dozen of special effects like falling raindrops or hanging soap bubbles are also available with Flip Book Maker, through which you can customize your flipbook even more.

Settings of Flip Book Maker offer a wide range of options for photo quality from its original quality to 100 pixels and you can also choose to automatically loop your flip book, so that its pages will turn, on their own.

Publishing your flap book is extremely comfortable with Flip Book Maker. You can preview it and there are five options to save it. First of the options is you can save it as Adobe Flash format .swf file. Other option is to save it as .exe file. Third option is to burn it to CD. And also you can save it as .html format to convert it into a webpage and send through e-mail. And the last option is you can make it your screensaver.

The software is extremely powerful for an easy formation of digital magazine. This is one of the excellent flipbook publishers.

If you are in search of an easy-going and feature-rich flipbook creator for adorning and showing off your digital photos and videos, Flip Book Maker is the most appropriate software for you. Get it and enjoy making and publishing your own beautiful creations.