Dec 04

Get a Digital Mailbox to Control Your Own Life

iPostal1 virtual mailboxCloud storage has made things much easier than before. It allows storage of digital data and accessing it anytime, anywhere and by anyone. This is great for small to medium organizations. But now it has also been proved useful for individuals through something called a digital mailbox.

Digital Mailbox by Mail Central

If you are wondering what a digital mailbox is, it stores your mail online and you can access it anytime. Mail Central, a leading business organization, has partnered with the digital mailbox iPostal1 which not only allows to view your mail, but also scan all the items in your mail box, forward your mails and packages, deposit your checks and more. Thus, now you can get your own Digital Mail Box to view and manage your postal mail and packages, 24/7 from anywhere, with the smartphone app or online!

Access and Syncing

When you have only local file storage, you can access only the data from a specific location. On the other hand, cloud storage allows you to access data from anywhere through your smartphone, tablet, laptops, desktops and more. Therefore, iPostal1 allows you to store and access mail online. What’s more, you can get the files and packages sent in your mail scanned upon request.

How does iPostal1 Work?

By getting iPostal1 app, you can get a mailbox address at the store of Mail Central. Next you can log in to your account through any device and manage your mail online 24/7.

Who can Use iPostal1?

iPostal1 can be used by anyone and not only IT professionals or e-businesses. Individuals, travelers, students, vacationers, residents as well as expats can make use of iPostal1 to stay connected and perform various other functions.

Uses of Digital Mail Box

The digital mail box can be used by anyone for several purposes, like:

  • Staying connected while in travel
  • Shopping on US sites while being out of the US
  • Receiving the packages of items purchased if a US website is not offering international shipping
  • Accessing mail in real time
  • No worry of theft of mail, bills, checks and packages as all these are safe in a secure location
  • Phone and fax service can be added by small business owners to create a virtual office
  • Getting the mails and packages scanned by requesting iPostal1
  • Give digital address and contact number when you don’t want to share your home address and phone number
  • The cloud storage of iPostal1 provides secure and convenient way to archive mail and documents digitally

Cost Efficiency

Cost of using backup tapes or external hard drive is eliminated because of cloud storage and therefore iPostal1 is extremely affordable. This is especially useful for small organizations that need not spend additional money on extra servers that are pricey to maintain and also hire staff to do the work. You can add 5 more people to your account and all of you can sync and share information.

Space Efficiency

With a digital mailbox like iPostal1, you need not maintain a mailbox or any other space in your home or office. All your mails, documents, bills and checks can be stored in cloud.

Totally Safe

If you are scared of theft or exposure of your sensitive information, iPostal1 is the most secure place for you to store the sensitive data. Your digital mailbox can never be accessed by unauthorized users.

Get the digital mailbox today and get the control of your own life!