Jan 23

Making way for wider Career Opportunities with Primavera

Primavera Jobs trendPrimavera P6 is one of the leading project management tools under the Oracle Systems. It is a comprehensive, multi-project planning and control software ideal for project-intensive industries. Its popularity is rising due to its abilities of planning, managing and controlling all the facets of a project. It aids enterprises to manage any kind of portfolio and gives enormous ways of organizing and sorting projects and resources. Its rich graphical interface plans and manages reports on projects easily with no effective limit on no. of projects that are going to be created. Primavera develops and markets simulation software and services across a range of industries including aerospace, biomedical, electronics, defense and many. Primavera P6 training promotes better career growth, enabling the candidate to apply for jobs invarious sectors including Oil and Gas, Production, Engineering & Construction, Information Technology, Finance and much more.Candidates from different backgrounds with little basic knowledge and skills on Primavera can apply for these relevant jobs.

Its wide usage

According to a recent survey, it was noticed that 425 out of 500 Engineering firms in USA and Canada employ Primavera. Additionally, most of the companies in Asia, Europe, Australiaare employing Primavera P6 software.Oracle’s Primavera P6 gives exceptional control and insight to everyone involved with the given project, as it can be employed in projects of any size across any industry to help monitor IT process. The prime scope of Primavera (ever-changing and ever-growing) is to easily finish the assigned activities and tasks. Project management on all of the prime industries like electrical, mechanical, civil can be easily accomplished as Primavera promotes agility and productivity in organizations.

Benefits of employing Primavera P6:

• Reduces Risk
• Software is easy to use
• Enhanced Resources
• Visibility is Intensified
• Better forecast of project activities
• Efficient feature tracking
• Improvised communication
• Breakdown of Complex projects

Job Roles

Lots of Primavera jobs are looking out for project management skills. Even there are jobs that don’t ask for any engineering qualification, but skills on Primavera does just fine. All these jobs pay well and help the candidates to widen their career. The job roles under Primavera are:

• Project Scheduler
• Project Planner
• Planning Engineer
• Project Manager
• Project Coordinator

The job of a Planner involves understanding project scope for its reliable execution under various disciplines. They must work collaboratively with project management team for efficient project progress and activities. They must be able to coordinate and integrate project schedule from contractors and prepare cost estimation, budget, production, and construction sequence. Develop and promote resource histogram weekly as well as monthly. Track, monitor and forecast progress of all the project activities in all disciplines.

Primavera Jobs trendPrimavera salary trend


Primavera P6 is difficult to cheat, complicate to use and requires few hundreds of hours to excel the application. It is a technology that keeps on changing with time. So, one must be adaptive to the changing technology in order to make a better future.It is noted as the only tool used by six figure career planners and schedulers and manages thousands of people executing hundreds of projects in a multi-user environment. It makes large and complex projects into easily manageable ones by efficiently planning, managing and reviewing the project thereby increasing the wide demand for professionals with Primavera skills.