Aug 11 – Covert your PDF Files to Images Easily!

Hi, I want to tell you about a great software which converts PDF files to images. I found it especially useful, because since about 2 months, I was not being able to open any PDF files on my computer, because some disturbance had occurred with my Adobe reader. It was my mistake and the utter lazybones I am, I had kept the problem pending, because I don’t need to open a lot of PDF files. But I used to find it really difficult when there were some files I really needed to open which were in PDF format. In such circumstances, I came across and bingo! It converted a lot of PDF files for me that too very easily and within no time. has been developed by Johann Burkard who is a Java and JavaScript programmer, an anti-spammer, a Fuzz Junkie and a hiker.

The PDF file converter by Johann Burkard is very easy to use. You have to just put the file name into the ‘Browse’ field and click ‘Convert PDF to Images’, selecting the format in which you want the image. It converts the file within seconds in any of the formats, like JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG or BMP. You may ask a question, ‘What if the file is password protected?’ If the file is password protected, you can click on ‘Option’ which will open up an option for you to fill in the password and after you enter the password, you get the file converted to an image. Isn’t that easy?

So also, the repeated uploads don’t bring about multiple conversions. If you upload the same PDF file second time, a new setting overwrites the earlier conversion. allows you to download all the images in a ZIP file. So, you don’t need to convert PDF files to separate images. One more interesting feature of is it shows the thumbnails of the PDF images you convert, which makes it easy for you to browse the files. And also, it supports users who have disabled cookies.

I am very happy to use because it has been a lot of use to me. When are you going to use it?