Jun 16

Reasons to Use WordPress to Power Your Site

Have you ever wondered why WordPress has become so popular? Should you switch to this platform and look for WordPress hosting for your business website? This software’s been around for 14 years now and it’s arguably the most used blogging tool on the market. Nevertheless, WordPress is a popular choice for non-blogging sites too. Here are top reason why people choose this platform!

It’s easy and convenient to use. With its intuitive interface, WordPress is characterized by the ease of use. You can quickly add an image, blog post or a new page. Due to the simplicity of technology, using WordPress means spending less time on formatting.

It’s manageable from any computer (or mobile device). This software is browser-based, therefore it’s possible to login from any device (with Internet connection) and manage your WordPress website.

FTP Software and HTML Editing aren’t required. Since it’s a self-contained system, WordPress doesn’t call for HTML editors or FTP software. You can login and create new pages and blog posts, upload and edit images and documents, videos, galleries with no additional software.

WordPress websites are preferred by search engines. Due to its simple and clean code, search engines easily read and index the content of WordPress website. Additionally, you can optimize every post, image and page for specific keywords using their own meta tag keywords. This means, users are allowed to conduct very precise SEO.

It allows you to control your website. With WordPress you don’t need a web designer for simple adjustments and updates to your website. Since you’ve got control of almost all aspects of your website, making simple updates yourself is very easy and convenient. In addition, your website design is absolutely customizable.

It’s the best solution for bloggers. WordPress is a software that’s been around since 2003 and its original purpose was to serve as a blogging platform. Over the last few years, a lot of things have changed but that has remained the same. WordPress remains the most popular software for blogging, because blogging capabilities are easy to integrate and built in.

Most of plugins are reasonably priced or even free. Thus, if you want to add something to your website, such as Twitter Feed, video gallery or calendar, it’s possible to do that with affordable and free plugins.