Jan 03

Sync Easily between Mac and Huawei with SyncMate

syncing between mac and huawei with SyncMateIf you want to keep your data on Mac synced with Huawei phones or tablets, you now have an excellent software tool named SyncMate! SyncMate works regardless of which Huawei phone model you have. If your phone has Android 4.x to 6.x, SyncMate will sync your Mac with it just in a few clicks.

You can open either a Free account with SyncMate or an Expert one.

With Free account you can:

You can sync personal data, calendars and contacts, between Huawei and Mack. Thus you can keep your important data safe with the help of SyncMate, synchronization tool for Mac and Huawei phones.

With an Expert account you can:

Sync Media Data: You can sync music, images, playlists, photos and videos between Mac and Huawei media libraries.

Manage SMS: SyncMate makes your management of SMSs even easier and convenient. With SyncMate, your Huawei messages can be viewed, created, sent, received, deleted and even exported directly on your Mac.

Much More: With SyncMate, synchronization tool for Mac and Huawei phones you get many more options and you can sync folders as well as Safari bookmarks between Huawei and Mac. Your Huawei can also be mounted as Mac disk and then you can browse its content using the Finder.

Which Huawei Models are Supported?

Many models of Huawei are supported by SyncMate, like Ascend G7, Ascend Gx1, Ascend Mate 7, Enjoy 5 and 5S, G Play Mini, G8, Gx8, Honor 4 Play, Honor 4C, Honor 6 Plus, Mate 8 and S, P9 and P9 Plus, Y336, Y360, Y6 Pro, Y635 and many more.

In short, if you were wondering how to keep your data safe and how to sync your Huawei data with your Mac, SyncMate, synchronization tool for Mac and Huawei phones is now there to help you out. Take its benefit because you can do it easily and for free with the Free account. So, you have nothing to lose. You will only be benefited!