Jul 04

Tremendous Benefits of Hosted Exchange

hosted server exchangeHosted exchange is an extremely beneficial email solution for small and large businesses. By choosing hosted exchange, you can take a sigh of relief, because you make your email system secure and functional always. What are the benefits of hosted exchange? Let’s see.

Emailing Benefits

With the hosted exchange, you can use and manage your email with much ease. It features:

Centralized Address List: Hosted exchange adds all email accounts automatically to the “Global Address List” which all users can access.

Centralized Groups: You can create groups of users (like committees, departments, and so on) with the help of Exchange Server which then can be added to the Global Address List so as to be available to all users, while addressing email.

Public Folders

These are centralized folders which are available to all users. However the access can be restricted too to obtain the required security by user. Public folders can accommodate a variety of information like contact information, tasks, appointments or emails.

Group Enabled Outlook Features

With hosted exchange, exchange server makes everything in Outlook “shared”, like inbox, calendar, task list, etc. They can be viewed or modified by others. But you can decide what information to share with others.

Meeting Planners

A Meeting Planner is featured by the Exchange Server which enables you to choose users for a meeting. It also checks your calendar to decide a free time, and conveys each user and updates their calendars with the planned meeting.

Out of Office Assistant

A simple tool is provided to you by the Exchange Server to convey others while you are not in the office. When you plan to go out of office, you can modify an email message, which will automatically be sent when you will receive an email. And also you can have your forwarded to anyone you want so that nothing is left out.

Outlook Web Access

This is a an Outlook version based on web browser having almost the same features. It lets you access your email, contacts, calendar etc. from any computer any time via the internet.


Because of Exchange Server your administration of email becomes extremely easy and more complete. Everything is stored on the individual PC of every user, with regular POP3 email. All the data is stored, with Exchange Server, in a database on the server. Because of this, you get many benefits like:

All emails, calendars, contacts etc. are involved in the daily backup of the server. When a computer faces a hard drive failure or a complete crash, the email will not be lost, since it is stored on the server. And if the server fails too, the email can be restored from the backup.

When you buy a new computer, you need not move all the email data and address list to it. With the Exchange Server, you can just configure the new computer which mailbox to find on the server.

Benefits of Hosted Exchange

All the benefits and features of Microsoft Exchange Server are provided by Hosted Exchange, without any cost and overheads of maintaining infrastructure. Some of them are:

  • Making organizational needs to maintain email systems easy
  • No need of special skills and equipment
  • Reduction of capital outlay needed for Exchange server
  • Maintenance cost is reduced
  • Self-provisioning through the ECP (Enterprise Control Panel)
  • Experienced and knowledgeable support resources
  • You have to pay for only what you require
  • No hidden costs
  • The latest versions of Exchange server available, without paying upgrade license fees