Jan 23

Tremendous Benefits of Knowledge Base

knowledge baseExpert business owners are aware of the fact that outstanding customer service can make them stand out from their competitors. However, offering such an excellent customer service is not as easy as it seems. Is there any way to achieve that? Yes, there is – by building an online knowledge base!

Benefits of a Knowledge Base

There are tremendous benefits of an online knowledge base to customers as well as staff. It offers various applications, but generally speaking, it’s a place where information can be stored and organized, searched and shared.

The range of types of information varies to a vast extent, more than simple FAQs, though FAQs are their essential part. It may contain troubleshooting information, how-to articles, useful updates, manuals and much more.

Knowledge base can be internal, external or a combination of the two. However, there is an important difference – while an external knowledge base is accessible to your customers though maintained by only you, an internal knowledge base is a perfect place for businesses to share information and work together on projects. They are usually set up in such a way that all employees can make edits and make a contribution to the information bank; therefore, it is often known as a Wiki.

Customer Support

Before asking for an advice, several customers prefer to search for it online. If you have a knowledge base full of useful content, like FAQs and troubleshooting information, customers can make use of it without having to talk to an executive.

This is of use to both – businesses as well as customers.

Customers get a solution by themselves through a self-service method available 24/7. As they don’t have to talk to an adviser, they don’t have to wait for long in the frustrating telephone line.

For companies, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness are improved by lessening the load on the help desk and cutting call times. Also having free access to a knowledge base makes a help desk adviser equipped with common issues and their solutions, and they can find the root cause of the issue and handle the customer fast and efficiently.

Information Resource for Customers

Rather than just providing help and support, an external knowledge base can do much more, like being the correct source of information for customers. If it is loaded with information like user manuals, FAQs and how-to articles, your website will soon be famous as an excellent information resource and your customers are likely to return more frequently.

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