Mar 23

Tweetadder- The Perfect Twitter Marketing Software Tool

Tweetadder reviewAs a website owner, do you get some good results from Twitter? Before two years, when I began, I didn’t…. And actually, getting Twitter followers and converting them into readers, visitors and subscribers is not that easy! To improve your Twitter presence and make the platform into a good source of referral traffic, right tools are needed. And today I will tell you about my amazing experience with a Twitter marketing software tool – Tweetadder, which helped me a lot in obtaining a huge amount of quality Twitter followers and traffic.

Does Quantity Matter?

A question may come to your mind that do you need more followers really and in what number. Here are some main advantages:

  • Probably the most obvious benefit is direct traffic. The more followers you have the larger are the chances of somebody noticing and checking out your tweets.
  • It is interesting about Twitter that the more followers you have, the more people will be inclined to “follow” you.
  • Not only your direct traffic increases, but also you get more retweets, enhancing your visibility and letting you discovered by new tweeps.

Interface and Navigation of Tweetadder

Layout of the tool is very important. In that sense, Tweetadder shows you all the features clearly and indicates which ones are enabled and which ones are disabled, on its main screen.

Navigation takes hardly more than five minutes. Even then if you don’t understand about a function, you can click the help button on the upper right side and get all the information you need.

The “Tweet Search” makes magic! It is the button where you start searching for targeted followers. There are various parameters to choose from, like location, keywords, and so on.

Your Choice of Autopilot

One of the greatest features of Tweetadder is it is your choice what to put on autopilot and what to control yourself.

Actually there is an option to leave all the things for the software, which means that as far as the software is running, you will get info about your account following, unfollowing and finding new tweeps with no need of any action by yourself.

However there is one problem – total automation doesn’t leave many chances for proper research and is not very effective.

I prefer to check each field by hand including testing various keywords and picking the types of tweeps I like, such as number of followers, activity and tweets, and also deciding how many people to follow during the current session. And this doesn’t take even 20-30 minutes per day. There are two fields, “Send Followers Now” and “Automation Settings”, for automating or using a manual approach respectively.

automation and self-controlling

Get Actual Targeted Followers

The very idea behind Tweetadder is to follow a particular number of people, to check who re-follows you and who doesn’t and ultimately unfollow some whom you followed in the beginning. This is the way to know who might be actually interested in what you want to say and who isn’t.

Tweetadder helps you find peeps based on keywords. And once you find them you are supposed to converse with them and promote your product or service.

Tweetadder is Safe

The most important feature of Tweetadder is you can adjust the “following” process so as to make it look more human. For example, if you keep the number of daily follows and unfollows less than 30, you are in the safe zone. So, there are hardly any chances of getting banned by Twitter.

Thus, if you want targeted Twitter followers and want to build a good base of followers, Tweetadder is an excellent tool for you.