Jun 25

Easy Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

Social-Media-Marketing-TipsAccording to many Internet marketing experts, social media marketing can lead to more repeat business, more loyal customers, more brand recognition… To cut the story short, if managed properly, social media marketing can help your business achieve set goals! Nevertheless, the success is not automatic nor instant, it requires a great deal of time, effort and creativity. By no means it is easy for small business owners to come up with a pithy statement in 140 characters day by day. Luckily, there are some simple tips we would like to share with you that can make a significant difference in approaching your audience.

Timing is Important

Think about your audience, when do they have enough time to check something out? Although it’s not very easy to guess when working people might be sneaking a peak on their phone, late in the day is always a good time to post. Also, be more active at weekends, since tweets posted than drew more click-thoughs. Because nobody wants to works on the weekends or after hours, there are tools like HootSuite and Buffer that let users compose their thoughts in advance and publish them at the right (appointed) time.

Questions are Cool

Did you know that Facebook post with question commonly generates significantly higher comment rate than a post without question. So, ask your audience about their opinion, engage with potential clients on social media. Keep in mind that it’s more recommended to ask a question at the end of a post for a higher comment rate. For example if you post an amusing picture, encourage your audience to comment or caption it. Twitter suggests that brands ask followers to RT a message.

Images are Welcome

According to one research, photographs perform better than text, video or link, at least on Facebook. Not only does the picture say more than thousand words, but it also draws more attention, Likes, comments and click-throughs. The best images are charts, infographics and similar self-explanatory pics.

Finally, social media are ever-changing, therefore it is of great importance to keep your marketing campaign fresh and trendy. Moreover, pay attention to your own audience, know exactly what they want and offer it.