Sep 14

How to Zip a Folder

"Zip the folder"To understand how to zip a folder is vital if you have folders consisting of lots of files of various types, comprising of text, graphics, and so on. They occupy a huge room on your computer. If you don’t categorize the huge folders aptly, there is a threat that the space on your computer get used up quickly, which can create several problems, for example improper administration of the files and even serious harm to your disk. You are not able to send files of larger volume via email. Therefore it becomes important to compress the files into a zip file and allow them to use up a smaller space. Such compressed files are hassle-free to supervise and send through email. A zipped file has .zip extension.

If you possess a folder encasing files, the collective size of which is about 6MB, it turns to the size of around 2.5MB if you zip it. So you can be aware of what a huge space you are able to set aside by performing zipping of folders. If you hold large sized word documents or PDF files, zipping them is of course a wise decision for the security of your computer and also to enable yourself to administer them without problems. You can deliver them without problems via emails and even if you desire to move them to some other place, you can copy them without trouble, due to their much less size.

There are different zipping software programs such as WinZip, ALZIP, IZArc, PKZip, Stuffit, QuickZip, 7-Zip, PicoZip, BitZIPPer, WinAce and QuickZip. You can bring into use any of these programs to zip your enormous folders. To know how to zip a folder is not difficult, as, almost all of these softwares are comprehensive and present various facilities. After a bit of practice, you can comfortably zip the big folders to condensed zip folders.

For zipping a folder, open WinZip software program. If the license window shows, check the box to accept terms and conditions. Then click the ‘New’ button to give rise to a new archive having .zip extension. Give the new location of the folder in the section for ‘Filename’. Denote the name and click ‘ok’. Further click ‘Add’ button and you condense the folder to a zipped kind.

There is even another easy option to zip a folder. Right click the folder and select to click ‘Add to WinZip’ and contraction progression takes place. The same succession of processes are to be followed to make a zipped conversion of the folder.

Windows XP provides built-in zip feature which provides you the ability to contract files by way of Compressed (zipped) Folder feature. Such sorts of condensed folders are demarcated by a particular icon of zipped folder. You can make use of this feature in two fashions. You can either copy files to the compressed folder to constrict them, or you can right-click a file, choose ‘Send’ from the shortcut menu and then click ‘Compressed (zipped) Folder’. This does not reduce your system’s competence in any sense. These folders can be transferred to any place on your system and you can work on them as comfortably as you work on the uncompressed folders.

Zipping of folders takes place in much short time. The software programs like WinZip are uncomplicated and provide different options like ability to extract files and archive them. They even present encryption facilities, because of which you can set aside your constricted folder guarded by a password.

By going through this, you definitely must have got some guidelines concerning how to zip a folder.