May 07

Social Media and Email Marketing Integration Types

integrating social media and emailThink about how you use social networking websites. When using Facebook, do you click “like” randomly and do you want some company’s info on your news feed if you are not a potential client or customer? Of course, not. This is how the majority of social media users think. So, in order to develop your business, there is a need to integrate your social media and email marketing. There are three major types of integration: strategic, channel & audience and message integration. Let’s take a look at each type.

What is a strategic integration of social media and email marketing. Let’s use Facebook as an example of the social media network. Where are the areas of overlap? Facebook “Likes” are email subscribes, Facebook UnLikes are email unsubscribes, facebook impressions are email opens, facebook feedbacks are email clicks and facebook posts are being shared while emails are being forward. So, even though we call things differently, we can measure them quite similar.

Channel & Audience integration of social media and email marketing does not have the goal to get a Facebook “like” or email opt-in, but both of them. So, whenever you can, ask for both: Email “thank you” messages, facebook landing tabs etc.

Message integration of social media and email marketing means many option for using and re-using your social media and email content. Use Facebook ad headlines testing to optimize email subject line and vice versa. Test image effectiveness via Facebook ads or status updates and incorporate them in emails and vice versa. The most popular status updates should be incorporated in email content and vice versa.

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