Apr 09

Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Everybody is on social media or at least they gain increasing popularity. It is easier than ever to reach out your potential clients and to offer and promote your products or services. For internet marketing experts, increasing clients and customers via social media is a piece of cake, for business owners it’s not. However, there are ways to use social media to win and improve new business.

First of all, keep in mind that even though most people use social networking websites, social media is not on everyone’s radar at the moment. Perhaps they don’t find it necessary for their everyday life or they just don’t see social networks as the way to do the shopping. Be patient, because soon that will be changed. However, don’t focus only on internet marketing and don’t expect miracles.

Actively look for customers and clients through social media and check out whether your activity has been translating into revenue. Use tools to see how much traffic social media activity is getting you and how much of overall traffic is getting to your “thanks for your custom” page. This is the way to see what attracts and what makes you lose potential clients on your website. Once you know it, you can make adequate changes to overcome the issue.

Linkedln, Twitter and Facebook are invaluable business development tools, because they make you look less intrusive when offering your services. Emailing and phone calls might irritate your potential clients, while posting and sharing articles and information on your business or small conversations around their updates and tweets are more acceptable.

Creating a free online store within a social network as innovated by Voxpad.org is also the good way to sell your products with more convenience both for your clients and you. As a seller, you can build relationships with potential clients and then to commit a sale. Single integrated environment – Voxpad.org gives you an opportunity to build relationships with potential clients all over the world via social network and to guide them into your store.