Mar 22

About SEO for Website Owners

seo for web ownersIf you want to promote your website by yourself and you need some SEO advice, now we will tell you something about web directories. Anyone interested in Search Engine Optimization knows that web directories are an important and good way to gain strong backlinks. Those one way backlinks will directly help SEO campaign, which means your website will gain the better position on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Of course, there are always some changes in the way Search engines position websites, but there are some things that are quite constant. There are some directories that are preferable to Google (and other search engines), but that information is not available to the public, logically. However, there is a list of web directories that show better results or Google trust them the most.

Some useful SEO Tips:

  • Try to find only relevant categories, search engines will pay attention to that
  • Page rank is not so important, but if two categories are similar, choose the one with the higher PR (IE meter)
  • You should not sound too promotional, it’s better to have “honest approach”, but in the description, it is preferable to use important keyword
  • Focus on the content.

There is no SEO, nor web directory that will guarantee the success of your business. Onsite improvements, the quality of your service and satisfied clients are inevitable if you want to succeed.