Jun 09

Choosing the Appropriate Anchor Text in Post-Penguin World

choosing the anchor textWhat do you need to obtain? Link diversity. These days, you should mix it up when choosing keywords and anchor texts for SEO campaign. If you use the same keywords over and over again to link to your website, you will get a Google penalty very quickly. Being “natural” is important. More than ever! ┬áThink this way: if people link to your website, are main keywords what they use? Or do they use, for example: this website, click here, buy now and similar anchor texts. When you use the same anchor text over and over again, Google will smell your unnatural backlink pattern. So, to avoid that, here are some of the example of anchor text we recommend you to use:

  • right here
  • over here
  • learn more here
  • learn more
  • read more
  • read what sbd said
  • a fantastic read
  • we were reading this
  • click here
  • click this
  • this post
  • this article
  • here
  • dig this
  • link
  • this hyperlink
  • see
  • check it out
  • useful post to read
  • weblink
  • over at this site
  • the latest blog post
  • top article
  • watch this video
  • do you think the same
  • do you agree
  • he said
  • she said
  • they said
  • look what I found
  • more
  • more information
  • for more information
  • for example
  • this blog
  • check this website

Also, there is another useful trick. You can use a domain name as an anchor text, of course, if the name has the variations or exact key words. Use the domain name with or without http and www. For example:

  • http://www.mywebsite.net
  • www.mywebsite.net
  • mywebsite.net

Also, you can check main keywords you would like to use. Don’t pick those most popular words for the anchor text. However, don’t pick words with no popularity at all. Try to find something in between these two extremes. Anchor text should receive traffic, still look for lower competition solutions.

For more information on this problem and how to solve these problems, check out Scott’s Blog.