Dec 02

Mobile Internet and Social Media – Two Hot SEO Trends in 2013

SEO and Social MediaSearch engine algorithms are constantly evolving, therefore you need to keep Search Engine Optimization practices updated. What has been proven by Google Panda and Penguin? Some SEO techniques become very quickly outdated, so many useful tools last year became completely ineffective now. For that reason, every SEO company needs to change techniques and adjust properly along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the SEO trends that were hot in 2013. They might still benefit your SEO campaign.

Focus on Mobile Devices. Only several years ago, tablets, smartphones and similar gadgets have started to catch on. At this moment, more than 40% of people access the Internet via these devices, not to mention that social media counts more than 60% percent. In case of the continuity of this growth pattern, we could expect more than half of all Internet browsing to be done on mobile devices in less than a few years. Alright, nice statistics, but why do we mention it? Adapting to this trend is important, website content has to be mobile-friendly if you don’t want to lose traffic and sales. If you are doing SEO, why would you bother? Inform your clients that they should make their website content mobile friendly. Otherwise, they can create a mobile version of website, which is less expensive than RWD, but it means loosing valuable SEO equity and link-juice.

Focus on Social Media. Social media was the way for people to keep in touch with family and friends, but now it has become a way of life, people share an incredible amount of information via social networking websites. The possibility of accessing social media accounts on the go by using mobile devices caused the continuous increase of the number of hours spent on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking places. So, if you want to boost SEO power, joining the social media bandwagon is a must. How? Make sharing your content on social networks easy and convenient. Instal social share buttons, for example. Also, establish a presence on at least the most popular networking places, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube. Create a network and post content to increase website traffic and online sales. Although there is no exact correlation between SEO and social shares, most SEO experts agree that social shares do benefit a SEO campaign.