Jan 10

Search Engine Optimisation vs. Media Advertising

In the past, a business in Essex would advertise its products and
services via print or broadcast media to gain customers. Although this
is effective, it is also expensive and has a limited scope. Search
engine optimisation in Essex has taken advertising into a different
level. It is less costly and it reaches a wider but more targeted
audience. It is considered the most effective advertising strategy in
the 21st century while print and broadcast media have become
traditional marketing tools. Because most businesses have now gone
online, search engine optimisation Essex is more often used these

SEO understands that search engines have result pages they offer
users. With this knowledge, they create means or methods so that a
website could get to the top of those result pages for customers or
searchers to see. SEO has become a part of a marketing plan of all
online businesses because of its effectiveness. In the marketing
departments of these businesses, SEO tops print and broadcast

Hiring an SEO company has many advantages. It is less costly as
payment is fixed depending on the company and the services asked for.
The business will not only gain customers from Essex but also from
other parts of the world, if so desired.

SEO will also devise a way for the website to accept online payments
so that transactions are made immediately. Marketing and purchasing
are done simultaneously. In print or broadcasting media, the product
or business is solely advertised and only to a limited area. The
expenses paid to SEO companies are very minimal as compared to the
thousands of dollars spent on print and media advertising. SEO can be
done by a person if he wants to save money, but hiring an expert is
more effective, inexpensive and time-efficient.

When advertising over the radio or TV, payment is made per second. The
more number of seconds or minutes, the higher the payment becomes. An
ad that runs for just a few seconds will not be retained long in the
memory of listeners and viewers due to the limited time. With search
engine optimisation Colchester
, however, a website can stay for days,
weeks, months or even years in the top result pages of search engines
for targeted customers to see.

In an optimised website, articles, videos, and images can be seen 24
hours for 7 days. In print media, people will only enjoy reading texts
and seeing still pictures. In radio advertising, only sounds can be
heard. On TV, people can hear sounds and see movements but they do not
provide much written information for the audience to fully comprehend.
Radio and TV ads cost by the number of times they are aired.

People nowadays would rather sit in their houses to buy their needs
via the internet. This is due to the convenience that online shopping
brings. The competition of online businesses begins in the search
result pages. If a website is not optimised, it will never be seen by
customers because they are not indexed in the database of search
engines. With SEO services in Essex, a website will be ensured of its
visibility on the web.