Nov 04

SEO Article Writing: What is it?

Lot of freelancers have doubts and questions about SEO and SEO copy writing, this article explains everything about what is SEO and how to make money from SEO as a freelancing writer.

What is SEO? SEO is a short phrase for “Search Engine Optimization”, it is nothing but doing particular things to your website to get more traffic towards it so that you can maximize online sales and traffic.

There are many things, but in this article we will talk about things that apply to writers of freelancer. That means writing text in a specific way so that the users of internet can stick to a specific website. Freelance writers should be especially concerned with keywords. Keywords are the phrases and words that internet users type in search boxes while searching for something on internet.

For instance, if you are interested in launching a foreclosure cleanup business, you may be not aware of anything about it other than the fact that foreclosures are in demand at present and you want to start such a company. So, you go to your favorite search engines such as MSN, Yahoo or Google and type in your keywords “foreclosure cleaning or business” or some other appropriate keyword.

When you type the keywords into search engine to discover something on the internet, keywords are the words that are typed by you in the search engines. In order to get proper results you need to type in appropriate keywords.

How to get your website to the top in search engine results

When you put the keywords in search engine and press enter, you will get a bunch of results on your computer screen and start browsing through different sites and see if they have the information that you are looking for.

The sites that come up on the screen are the results that search engines such as MSN, Yahoo or Google think are most appropriate to the keyword that you have put. Companies spend lot of money to appear on first or second page of search engine results.