Apr 15

SEO Business Starting Tips

Search Engine Optimization is increasingly popular with the reason and its benefits are approved. By reading and informing about SEO process and business, you can learn and understand basic principles which you might wish to use and to start up your own SEO business. There is no easy way to the successful SEO businessmen, but some tips and tricks might be useful and helpful if you are SEO novice. First of all, show that you are for real, that you exist. Apart from having a website, it is recommended to put up an e-mail address or even a phone number and physical location (address) of your office. This ensures clients that they could reach you when they have some problem and need your help.

Second, portfolio. If you have some previous works, you should show them to the potential clients and to describe them in the best possible way how you will manage to meet their needs. Nice looking site and logo maybe do not seem very important to you, but your clients will judge you by them. Clean, plain and simple website is preferable and, in fact, the cheapest option having in mind that there are now even free web templates available that look very nice. Multiple author blog is always better option than one man show, when it comes to making clients hire you for SEO business. So, it is good to ask someone to write for your blog, not necessary very often, but once per week, for example.

Finally, do your own SEO. If the clients search for the name of your company, it should be ranked #1, because that is the only way to prove that you actually know and can do the SEO business. And, be online and at the client’s service most of the time to show you are dedicated and you will solve some issue promptly.