Mar 25

SEO Copywriting – Basic Standards

SEO Copywriting is a web marketing technique referring to well written search engine friendly content. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about getting more and more traffic and there is a wide range of factors that contribute in this process. A good starting point for SEO Copywriting is to determine what information should be conveyed and to produce persuasive and readable content. In other words, SEO writers should combine solid content development together with the SEO factors technical requirements. Improving SEO Copywriting skills means being more and more able to attract the search engine attention, but at the same time to write something useful and interesting for people.

Focusing on the keywords is the first step for SEO Copywriting. Usually, SEO writers are given the keywords and they just have to wisely and specifically incorporate them in the textual content. If keywords are not well chosen, internet traffic will not be improved and copywriting is almost useless. Carefully done keyword research is necessary for the SEO success. Sometimes the given keywords are not grammatically correct, because people make common mistakes when using the search engines. After putting the keywords into content, to seem as natural as possible use these keywords as an anchor text – to link it to the page using these targeted terms. Linking has 2 useful effects – it brings attention, because the anchor text is differently colored, bold, italic or underlined, and it improves the visibility of the page it is linked to. Also, for the good SEO Copywriting success, the description and the title of the written content should contain keywords. This makes content more readable and pursuing, as well as it draws the search engines attention.