Dec 02

SEO in 2014 – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Happy New Seo YearSome marketing experts speculate that SEO industry is on the decline. Every time Search engines revamp their algorithms, the foundation of SEO is shaken, it’s true. However, for those not indulged in unethical SEO practices, there is no need to worry about these assumptions. Keep it natural and ethical and your SEO campaign will succeed. If you are an internet marketer, you are aware of the only constant thing – the change. So, why should we keep doing and what to avoid in 2014? Here are several suggestions.

Keep creating useful content. That’s old, but gold. The core of the good search strategy is still keyword relevant and helpful content. Link the content to your best internal pages. It’s better to have one page with a high rank than three internal pages averagely ranked.

Optimize website for mobile devices. This has become more popular than ever, since the use of mobile devices when browsing Internet is very popular and on the rise. Search engines advise using responsive design and we agree: it might be more expensive than creating a new website especially for mobile devices, but that way you are going to lose all the back-links. Responsive design will automatically repackage website content based on the device using it. Check out the look on your website on the mobile.

Focus on questions, not only keywords. Blog post titles should answer questions, since people started literally asking questions when browsing. Keywords are still important, but they have to look more natural. “SEO Glasgow” is still a good keyword, but if you have more than 2 words, connect them naturally. For example, “SEO experts Glasgow” should be “SEO experts in Glasgow”.

Adding author tags and similar social elements is recommended, so link the website with your social media profile. It makes everything look more real.

Nobody knows what tomorrow brings, but at this moment SEO is still alive. However, we all need to adapt websites to the changing scenario and never stop evolving.