Apr 23

SEO – Real Estate Websites

Online places have an increasing visitors’ rate and there are more and more people who at least start their search for information and products on the Internet. Real Estate business is not an exception and, on the contrary, real estate companies must have website in order to be competent and successful. Of course, when clients begin their search for a new home, they will look only at sites easily to be found. Therefore, Real estate agencies know all the benefits of SEO. SEO for real estate websites have the same principles as any other SEO – it is required to write an unique and relevant content and to present it to be search engine and user friendly.

On site tips for real estate websites include keyword research and density. Keyword research must be more specific than, for example, “Boston homes for sale” because, it is more likely that customers will search for specific neighborhood. So, keywords with more precision are required. When it comes to keyword density, it is better to ensure it is below 5%, anyway not to be greater than of the SERP top websites. If the real estate website is not unique in any way, search engines does not want it in their index. Same hosting IP address used by many other websites is also not recommended. Off site SEO, or in other words building external links to real estate website includes old style of link building – posting comments on related blogs, niche fitting directory submissions, and participation in forum discussions. When posting comments and writing guest posts on niche websites and blogs, it is very important not only to insert the links and keywords (or anchor text), it is of high importance for those posts to be relevant and to provide useful information for visitors and blog owners.