Aug 27

Tips to Improve Page Rankings

If you are interested in SEO, you are probably using all the helpful Search Engine Optimization tools (SERP checkers, Page Speed Tool etc.). So, what can you do to improve Search engine ranking? We will try to share three useful tips that could help you optimize and improve your page ranking.

First of all, try not to purchase a new domain. Because of the Google’s aging delay, it is better to use an existing website and domain, unless you have to use the new one. In case you really have to use a brand new domain, you will wait for about nine months or even a year before your website shows up in Google for the chosen keywords.

Even though you want to improve your search engine ranking, you should not optimize your website for the search engines, but for your target audience. If you want to succeed, your website should meet your the needs of your target audience. So, gather information on your target audience (nationality, age, sex, interests etc.), because those information are crucial for your keyword research, web design and copywriting.

It is of high importance to research your keywords. There is a possibility that keywords phrases you consider to be the ones your target audience is searching for are not correct. Therefore, you should use some of the keyword research tools for choosing the right keyword phrase. Never use some general keywords, such as “holiday”, “dress” or “dentist”, because of many reasons. First of all, there are not so indicative of your website is actually about, plus you will have the difficulties to get the high page ranking. When you choose the best keyword phrase, incorporate it into the unique title tags of each page. Title tags are very important, because they are given a lot of weight with search engines.