Aug 21

What Clients Should Know about SEO?

In case you are thinking about taking up an SEO service, it is of high importance for you to understand that Search Engine Optimization is really not something that is possible to do based on some set of principles and then to leave everything at that. SEO tools and methods are more than just writing title tags and link building. Planning, organizing, execution, monitoring and maintaining are needed for a successful SEO campaign. This requires a lot of knowledge and it takes time for link building (strategy work out, approaching websites, quality links building, checking website ranks consistency in order not to be penalized by search engines etc.).

If you are into SEO business or you are a possible client, there are certain facts you should be aware of (and let your client know it). First of all, there is no possibility to guarantee results. SEO has shown incredible results and there is a lot of happy and satisfied clients all around the world. However, SEO tools and methods are not unstoppable, SEO is certainly not a magic. If you succeed in keywords ranking on top, do not stop SEO service then – Keywords will not remain within the top 10 if you do not maintain them. Search engine databases are updated on a daily basis, so you have to maintain your ranking constantly. So, rankings are not forever and there is a possibility for them to fluctuate at times.

It is also important to keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is not about mass link development, so sometimes a single high-quality link is better option than 10 low-quality ones. SEO companies that claim to develop hundreds and thousands of links on a monthly basis from resource pages containing hundreds unrelated links are not the ones to be trusted. Look for companies who know that SEO is not about quantity, but quality.