Sep 10

3 Important Points to Remember while Designing Graphics for Your Social Media Content

create a graphic with DesygnerYou cannot deny the importance of catching people’s attention while building your brand online. While scrolling down a social media page, people should note your content. Only then there are chances that they might remember you. The best idea for this is to create content that is not only noteworthy but is visually memorable. And what can be better for this purpose than graphics? Here are a few tips to make your social media content catchy with visually attractive graphics.

1. Importance of Color

While you create a graphic, it’s essential to know the importance of colors. Color helps create an atmosphere, set a mood and can even evoke a memory. Every color has a psychology and meaning behind it and therefore finding a color palette for your graphic that conveys your emotions you want your audience to connect with, will help you establish consistency.

Color is also important in creating contrast. Certain shades or pairings influence one’s perception. Avoiding color themes that are not visually appealing will help your brand in due course. If two colors don’t contrast, they seem to blend into each other and if they contrast too much, they can lead to visual vibration. If one of these colors is used for the text and the other for background, they won’t create a visual appeal. Experts like Desygner can help you in choosing the best color combinations.

color combinations

2. Typography

Choosing a perfect font to get aligned with images is equally important as choosing perfect colors. This may be tough, but once you achieve it, it can add life to your graphics. Just like your color theme, your font should reflect the personality of your brand. However, remember that the less, the better. You’ll need only 2-3 fonts maximum. Using more than a few may distract your audience and make your message ineffective. Your audience won’t have a font to remember you by. Here are a few general tips.

  • Serif fonts are supposed to the best for print
  • Sans-serif is the best for the web
  • Using maximum 3 fonts is a good idea

3. Visual Identity

Now you can focus your attention on brand identity. Generally, it takes around 7 times of seeing or listening your brand for one to identify it. Hence repetition and consistency of brand elements like colors, fonts and logo is essential.

Don’t forget to include your logo in each image but also remember that people should associate it with your brand; so, making it half the size of the picture or more will make it look too cluttered.

Remember that intention of creating graphics for your social media content is not only to tell your story but also to attract the audience and then direct them to your website. Thus without branding, your entire effort of graphic creation may be ineffective. It doesn’t need to be bold and big, but should be just enough to make people connect it to you.

Take help of experts like Desygner and create great graphics that will help build your brand successfully.