Dec 21

4 Handy Web Design Tips and Tricks

Christmas wishes design by PixTellerThere are always ways to improve your website when it comes to web design. In order to achieve a whole new quality level and leave a strong impression on your visitors, follow these few easy tips.

1. Browser Compatibility

The first thing you have to do is to determine that your site is browser compatible. Regardless of the chosen browser, your site should always be in its best shape. If your website looks good on one browser, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will even work on another browser, so don’t be lazy and always double-check compatibility. There are certain browsers which can be tricky and cause problems, specifically when there are some complicated HTML designs involved. However, those problems are not too hard to fix, once discovered.

2. White Space Usage

Make an effort and declutter your webpage. Be careful with myriads of images, pay additional attention when you choose your background and especially when you choose the color of your font. The most important thing to bear in mind is to keep things tidy and simple. You can do that by using a lot of white space, which can open up your website in a way, and make it seem spacious.

3. Get Amazing Templates and Designs for Free at

Another great solution is to get your website designed with the help of They offer a variety of designs, themes and templates for absolutely free. With their design maker, you can now create exactly what you have in mind in a matter of minutes. PixTeller is an amazing group of people that have come up with the idea for a handy, user-friendly interface. You can choose designs you like the most from their extensive range and add any text you have in mind to give your website the much desired touch of beauty. You can watch some of their lovely designs here in this article and many more on their website.

beautiful design by PixTeller

4. Professional and Legible Fonts

There are too many amateurs online, and you can recognize them easily due to their font preference. Font can speak to visitors of your site on so many levels. Avoid using Comic Sans, for example, or some too complicated-looking fonts that may not work on other computers. Choose from those fonts which are professional and trustworthy.

If you follow these few easy steps, you’ll successfully improve your website. And sometimes all we need is a good idea to follow in order to develop our websites further. By making your website look tidy, choosing the right legible font, decorating it with beautiful designs like those from and making sure that it will work on all browsers, you have nothing to worry about, as you will always succeed.

Christmas wishes design by PixTeller