Mar 07

4 Web Design Tips to Make Your Web Presence More Effective and Productive

web design tipsYour website design and visitors’ engagement go hand in hand. The more perfect your web design, the more engaged will be your visitors to your website. And for more conversions and more sales, increased visitors’ engagement is the key. Therefore, an appealing web design is an imperative part of your web presence. This is also a field with a lot of scope of improvement and whatever you can learn about it, you should. Here are some new tips for a perfect web design.

1. Intuitive Navigation

Primary navigation options deployed in a horizontal menu is a common occurrence at the top of a site’s page, while secondary options are under the primary bar or on the left margin of the site called sidebar. Intuitive navigation is so important because confusing navigation is the most likely to make people quit the page rather than trying to understand it. Hence it is smart to put links to less important pages that are detracting your visitors from primary information or call to action at the bottom of your homepage or landing page, rather than at the top of the page.

2. Make Strategic Use of Colours

A neutral colour palette can create a clean, elegant and modern image of your website. While choosing colours for your site, you should act wisely. Using small dashes of colours for key graphics or headlines helps direct visitors to your most important content, as shared by the experts at AMCD Web Design and Development, a leading web design firm in Thirroul, NSW Australia. According to these experts, it’s also important to use a colour combination that will complement your logo and match other marketing things.

3. Design All Pages as Landing Pages

The AMCD experts further say that most websites are designed assuming that a user will enter through the homepage and will then navigate to other pages. However the reality is that majority of visits are done through a page other than the homepage. So, you should design every page of the site as if it is the landing page, i.e. key information should be there.

4. Make Buttons Appealing

The ‘Send’ or ‘Submit’ button at the foot of a webpage can be the most unattractive part of a website. Therefore designers should make these buttons so appealing that users shouldn’t be able to help themselves; they should click them. For example, when a user hovers over the submit button, the button should change colour, font treatment or opacity.

Hope these tips will help you in making your web presence more effective and productive.