Sep 06

Building Your Own Website – Advantages and Disadvantages

building a websiteOwning a small business nowadays requires an online presence. Your customers and clients need to find you and, with a website you establish your credibility and brand. However, if you aren’t a programmer, you probably don’t know much about building and developing a website. So, you have 2 options: either to look for some how to build a website guide and do it yourself or to hire professionals to create a website for you. In order to help you decide what choice to make, I’ll talk about advantages and disadvantages of building your own website.


If you’re one of those people who enjoy learning new things, tackling a project that you haven’t done before could be a lovely adventure. You’ll need time and motivation to browse the internet looking for information and tips on creating, editing and developing your own website, but it will be rewarding. Those who like the process of building a site will be even happier with the final product and the sense of pride, exhilaration and well-being.

Saving money is probably the number one motivator when it comes to building a website yourself. In case you accomplish the task successfully, you could save yourself thousands of dollars.


Learning the skills you need for building a proper website takes a significant amount of time. So, try to figure out whether it’s better for you to focus on saving some money on doing it yourself or on making money through your business instead.

DIY projects usually look unprofessional so your website will probably lack the polish and professionalism. Even if you succeed in making it work and look properly,  chances are you’ll choose a free template (to save some more money on it).  That’s why DIY websites usually look dull and unattractive, just like thousands of other websites out there.

Now, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and decide to make the best decision for you and your business. Owning a website is a must, but doing it yourself or hiring a pro, that’s the question!