Apr 14

Get Great-looking Websites for Free

Paradox Pixel website themeTechnology keeps surprising me with its advancements every day. I got such a pleasant surprise recently. You can understand if you know what a headache website development and management is. You have to always be in touch with your admin; small and big hardships keep coming. Plus there are costs of hosting to add to the difficulties. They go on increasing day by day. If you take all your sites on a single hosting to reduce the cost, that creates different problems. In such a scenario, I stumbled upon something that may be good news for many of you like me. It’s a website developer called Paradox Pixel who offers website design and hosting for FREE.

This Can’t Be True!

My initial response was this when I came across their website. Their own website too has been designed with the same technology and it’s beautiful. And you get such a design for free? But I think there is no harm in trying. There’s nothing to lose. I also tried and still can’t believe that I have actually got a beautiful site for free.

How to Proceed?

Having your site with them is incredibly easy. You just have to choose a theme. Then keep customizing it. Customizing is easy as while you hover your mouse on the theme, options keep showing. There are different types of settings, color themes, designs and much more in the available options. Plus, you can upload images you want. After you are done, you can publish the site or save the changes for further customization.

Cloud-based, Responsive, Free, Scalable….

  • You don’t need to download any software; neither do you need to have any programming or design knowledge. Everything is cloud-based.
  • The website developed is compatible to all platforms, not only to desktop, laptop and mobile phones, but also to Smart Watches.
  • You get unlimited hosting and bandwidth for free.
  • You can create website of any size – 1-page or 1000-page.

I liked the motto of Paradox Pixel – “Websites shouldn’t cost anything and should be available for all”

Indeed technology has given me a pleasant surprise and I hope to you too. I know some of you won’t believe this. They can visit ParadoxPixel.com on their own and I doubt they won’t be tempted to have a lovely intuitive website, for free. At least, I am tempted!