Aug 15

Importance of Quality Web Design

Whenever I Google to search for something, I come across at least some sites, which are utterly shabby and I keep on thinking how could people present their business in such a shabby way! Studies say that people make their opinion about a business by looking at the website of the organization in 1/20th of a second. Thus you can see that the more aesthetic your website, the more are its chances to be successful.

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There is no doubt that an aesthetic look of a site is an important factor responsible for its success or failure. Looking at the increasing competition on the web, it certainly makes sense to have the most competitive advantage.

What does aesthetics really mean?

Aesthetics doesn’t mean that you should put a lot of imagery or add fancy animation flashing around. Actually these substances may do more damage than good. What is important is to get a professional look for your site.

What is a professional look?

For a professional look, you don’t have to necessarily hire a professional web designer for designing your website. However, it is always good to do so, because professional web designers are trained or train themselves to be capable of controlling every subtle part of the design which will generally have a big impact.

Amateur designs

You may see many examples of amateur sites on web, which might have made you think of how people can publish such sites. Such websites are generally cluttered so much that you can’t differentiate one component from the other. In some of these websites, colors are such that your eyes actually ache.

What are good, rather best, designs?

In my opinion, the best design is one which doesn’t make you realize about itself. As you come across shabbily designed sites, you have certainly come across some best designed sites too. Such designs don’t attract you towards themselves, but they make you interact with the site, find what you want as fast as possible and move on.

Thus, a website’s design, though is not the only factor, but is certainly very important in its success. Though the cost of appointing a professional web designer being high may appear a hindrance initially, it is not as high as not having a professional design. There are poorly designed, yet successful sites, but they have spent much more to achieve that success, than they would have spent to have a quality design.