May 13

The Advantages of Responsive Website Design

responsive web designHaving a website is a must for any business nowadays and I’m 100% sure that we would all agree on that. However, with the rise of tablet and smartphone usage over the last decade, it’s of high importance to have a site that displays nicely on any medium. Responsive web design is a single web design which runs smoothly over a device of any screen size and resolution. We’ve asked experts from Las Vegas Web design company, LV MTJA 24 (click to find out more about this successful web agency located in Las Vegas, Nevada) to tell us what are the main advantages of responsive php website design and why they recommend it to their clients. Here’s what we have found out!

It increases reach, sales & conversion rates. A few years ago, surfing on a mobile browser was rather daunting and inconvenient; users had to scour the whole area to get the information they were looking for. With responsive php web design, contents are optimized to accommodate different screen sizes and enable the same browsing experience. Simply put, this innovation can increase your reach to smartphone and tablet audience. Furthermore, consistent user interface has a positive impact on the conversion rates and sales.

It’s cost effective. Responsive php web design saves you from maintaining different websites for different devices. Since everything can be managed with only one responsive theme, in the long run, it saves a significant amount of money, time and energy for website maintenance and development.

Duplicate content is avoided. If you have the same content on multiple versions of your business website, that can lead to duplicate content penalties and hurt its search engine ranking. With responsive php design, you don’t have to worry about that. In addition, managing single SEO campaign is a lot easier (and, again, less money and time consuming) than managing different device dependent websites.

Finally, there’s a competitive advantage of responsive design. It enables your business to stay ahead of the trend, since not all of your competitors have responsive php website design yet.
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