Sep 07

Magento Layered Navigation

"magento layered navigation"Internet users and especially internet shoppers do not like to meander around the virtual store and wait for hours to spot something they like. Online shopping is all about giving the visitors to the website exactly what they are looking for so they get to the completion of their shopping experience really quickly. Interestingly, a study on the behavior of online shoppers revealed that almost all of them – 96% – state that their buying process is enhanced with the use of an effective search facility. A little over 70% reveal that they check out of an online shop if they have not found exactly what they are looking for within the first few minutes. And this is where the concept of Magento layered navigation also called layered browsing or faceted navigation comes into play.

One product that enables all these benefits to be delivered to the business owner and the shopper is Magento. This software solution allows business owners or owners of ecommerce sites to establish operations extremely swiftly and simply. It also allows for many other features regarding the products. Some of these features are:


  • The business owner can develop and upload several images for each product. The customer can also enlarge the images of the products to get a clearer look at the same.
  • The website can also encourage people to shop for more with cross-selling and up- selling capabilities
  • Smoother management of product profile in terms of monitoring the availability of the products, the options available for the products, comparisons of the products and so on.


If the ecommerce website is able to deliver an experience which is almost similar to shopping in the real world – browsing and all – it is definitely going to be extremely popular in the highly competitive space of online shopping. This key differentiation is delivered by the Magento products.


The GoMage Advanced Navigation software solution supports the Magento portfolio. Currently it is Version 3.0 and is available in Community, Professional and Enterprise Editions. GoMage Advanced Navigation is all about delivering the following benefits to Magento clients:


  • Simple and easy to understand navigation through the websites
  • Enabling navigation on the search page too
  • Enhancement of layered navigation with the help of AJAX filters which enables the use of categories and attributes
  • Support for customers all over the globe with currency converter and multi- lingual capabilities


Magento is characterized by its immense flexibility which allows developers to create exactly what the business owner wants. Visitors to the websites are helped in their shopping endeavors by the fact that they can browse the catalog and find product reviews and sort products based on specific and unique product tags too. It also helps that they can seek out product reviews from the internet too. It also gives the customer the option of sorting out products into categories or within the search results itself. Depending on the size of the business, the owner can choose from the various versions of the solution that are available. For instance, Magento Enterprise will be best suited for large scale ecommerce companies. Smaller businesses will find Magento Go a better fit for their business.