Sep 11

Top 3 Web Design Tips

web design tipsThe saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is exactly true about a website. You may feel that your website’s design and layout is very beautiful but at the same time, you should consider whether your visitors are thinking on the same line. When it comes to your visitors, you need to consider many factors that will enable them to use your website with ease and not just look beautiful. Poorly designed websites are bound to perform poorly and receive sub-optimal Google metrics (such as low pages per visit, low time on site, high bounce rate and low conversions). So, what can you do? Experts at web design Wellingborough share here top three tips to get your website designed effectively.

1. What do You Aim at?

First of all, think on what you aim at. A good web design aims at meeting the needs of users. Do you find that your visitors are in need of information and you want to give it to them? Or do they want entertainment and so, you want to add entertaining elements? Or they want to buy products similar to those you provide and you want to give them the same? Remember that each page of your website should have an aim and should be designed accordingly.

2. Clear and Quick Communication

Web visitors tend to be eager for getting what they want and it’s not their fault. If they can find what they want on thousands of other websites, why should they keep stopping at yours? Therefore you should be quick and clear in communicating to them. Give them information in a clear form like proper format of headings and subheadings, bulleted and numbered points, clear and concise sentences, easy language etc.

3. Design in “F” Pattern

Eye tracking research has found that people scan computer screens in a pattern resembling letter ‘F’. This means that most people first see in the top of the screen and then on the left, whereas the content on the right side is hardly seen. So, what you can do is to design your website in such a way that all the content you want visitors to look at should come on top and left part of the screen.

Other points like choosing readable and clear fonts, choosing eye-pleasing colors and avoiding those which can disturb visitors’ eyes and choosing just the right images are also important.

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