Apr 17

Top 4 Tips to Choose a Web Designer to Create an Efficient Business Website

finding a good web designerDue to the technical advances today, tools for website building claim to be so easy that even if you are non-technical you can do it. However, most people, especially if they are solopreneurs, need some design help if they want their site to stand out among the crowd. The question here is to find a good web designer and here are some suggestions.

1. Know What You Desire and What You Don’t

Prior to start finding a web designer, you need to know what you want in your website and what you don’t want. This is easier than you think of. Just find sites you like and make a list of them and also of the reasons why you like them. There may be many features in these websites that you admire, like their aesthetics, their easy navigation, their graphics, their templates, their workflow and more. Upon seeing this list, designers can know about your likings and goals.

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Also think upon: Do you want your site to be highly modern, visual and trendy? Or should it be more conservative and traditional? Are you going to make a lot of changes to the content on a regular basis or is it enough to be updated once a year by a developer? Once it’s clear what you want to create and how you are going to maintain it, you can shortlist candidate designers according to the scope and future vision of your project.

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2. Talk and Check Previous Work


By reviewing the designer’s previous work, you can check if her/his style of working will suit your needs. Also talk to her/him to see if s/he is trying to understand what you want and is willing to act upon your suggestions. Also s/he can give better suggestions which you can replace with yours if you are appealed by them. In short, you two should have a tuning with each other.

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3. Experienced with the Same Platform as of Yours


Make sure that the designer is experienced in working with the same platform or CMS that you have chosen for your site, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. If you haven’t selected a platform yet, find a designer (or designing firm) that can help you making a decision to choose one that will be the most suitable to your business and goals.

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4. Ask the Location of the Designer


You should know who will be designing your site if you are hiring a firm and ask whether s/he is a local or not. If the actual coding is done by someone in a far-off country and if something goes wrong with it or it needs changes, you have to wait for long hours because there is a huge time zone gap between you and the actual designer.

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