Aug 06

4 Practical Tips to Create a Successful Website

Create website with weberclaySo, you have come to a conclusion that you need a website. And now you are in a dilemma how to do that. But while searching through the Web, you might have come across many tools that can help you create a website. So, why not take their help? All in all, getting a website is not a big problem. The problem is about how to make your website appealing for visitors. Here are some ideas.

1. Create a Killer Home Page

Here killer doesn’t mean a very impressive, colorful and fantastic page. But it should consist of a to-the-point summary of your website so that your visitors would have an idea of what it’s all about and get interested in going through it. If they are not clear about what your website contains, they’ll hardly be interested to know that.

2. Make Sure to Offer a Clear Navigation

Once you create website, you should see to it that your visitors can navigate through it clearly. Create logically-named categories and organize your pages in those categories. The minute your visitors find it confusing where to go on your website, they’ll move on to your competitors’ sites. So, regardless of how effective and useful your content is, they won’t bother to linger on your site. You should prompt them properly about what is where and present everything readily to them.

3. Let Your Communication be Conversational

Make sure your language is interesting and not too full of facts and figures. Your content should be as if you’re talking to your visitors. Your language should be friendly and conversational. Avoid industry jargon. You don’t want to impress them, but give them what they are looking for and can understand.

4. Make Use of Pictures and Videos

Most people are reluctant to read. But most of them love to see photos and videos. A picture is worth a thousand words! This doesn’t mean that you should stuff your website with pictures and videos. Written content is also important, but it should be simple and short, and not overwhelming.

For example, you sell a vacuum cleaner. Your visitors would like to see how it looks – its color, its shape, etc. but in addition, they’d also like to read about its functionality, where it works the best (e.g. on carpets, upholstery etc.), whether it’s useful on tough stains and so on. In such a case, if you provide everything about its working in addition to ample photos and videos, there are high chances that your visitors will feel like buying your vacuum cleaners.

Following these practical tips can make your website successful and you can reap its real benefits.