Jun 05

Airtime – Increase your Interest Graph

An innovative live video network named Airtime has been launched by internet tycoon-duo, Sean Parker & Shawn Fanning on Tuesday 5th June in New York. Airtime has been claimed to be the most efficient, simple, browser-based video chat service for Facebook users. Users can share experiences with the help of content and take their social graph ahead for exploring new friends having similar interests in a cooperative and safe environment. You can have Airtime at Airtime.com. Its special feature is it need not be downloaded. You just have to have a Facebook account and a webcam and you can use Airtime.

The launch of Airtime was attended by Hollywood stars, comedians and musicians, like Jim Carrey, Olivia Munn, Joel McHale, Jimmy Fallon, Ed Helms, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Alicia Keys. All of them took active part in the launch.

Along with facilitating flawless video chat, Airtime connects you based on locations and shared Facebook likings. After getting connected, you can reveal your identity whenever you want and remain anonymous until then. By hitting the ‘Next’ button, you can explore new people. The service also brings you shared live experiences. At release, you can watch YouTube videos jointly. More content sharing features are in pipeline.

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning are two of the most noted internet entrepreneurs and have jointly created some of the most famous and debated organizations which include Facebook, Napster, Causes, Path, Sportify and now, Airtime. Parker and Fanning met each other through an online chat 15 years ago. Their aim to create Airtime is to see the possibilities of large number of people with common interests coming together on live chat and share content.

Parker says that it is exciting to bring spontaneity to internet. All interactions on internet are limited to people you know. But if that was true, he and Fanning wouldn’t have become friends. Parker says that when we move from a social graph to an interest graph, there arise great possibilities for our world and that’s what they are trying to take advantage with Airtime.

According to Fanning, Airtime does everything to help you find people that you have to know and guides you to converse further. These connections may not be possible in the real world. Fanning says further that from an optimistic viewpoint, Airtime is something which only technological advances can bring about and it is at last possible because of ubiquity of broadband connections, webcams and a highly advanced identity layer.