Sep 04

Are my search strategies the only thing I need to consider for my website to succeed? Think again!

SEO strategiesThe architecture of your website will have such an impact as well, you will NOT even believe how much! I mean just think about it, if you have implemented the best search strategies and you have managed to stay on top of all search engines, when potential customers visit your website, do you really think they are going to stay in it if your website looks like it came straight out of the 90s? Doubt it!

So you get my point right? If you still do not get my point, here are some more reasons why a good search strategy is directly linked to the way a website is designed.

If your site is designed nicely, then Google will understand it more!

What do I mean with this? By designing your website in the right way and correctly having it synchronized with all your search strategies, your signals when it comes to you being relevant will obviously increase and this will make you a lot more visible and understandable to Google and you know what that means? Instantly being on top of all the most known search engines. And we all want that at the end of the day right? So, get working on the design of your website because you if you don’t do this, you will get beat by top of the top companies like CSEO.

These are the stuff that must be contained on your website for Google to understand what it represents

You need to make sure that at the end of the day, your website is as simple as it can be so that Google and its users, can understand your website without any issues so answer yourself the following questions:

• What is your website about?
• What are the products you offer?
• Do you have a way for potential clients to contact you?
• Do you have a corner in your website where you have feedback from your customers?

All these factors are taken into consideration by Google and its users that trust this search engine to give them top of the top results! So, make sure you website is as organized as it can be so that you can get the results you want to get.