May 20

Basic Tips – Building Photo Website

web constructionMaybe you have an idea how the photography related website should be built. With so many technology advancements we have today, it’s really easy to do whatever you want. Not having a website is turn-off for potential clients and customers, so every business, no matter how small, tends to have the website. But, website building is not enough if the website doesn’t become and remain successful. These tips we will share with you can help you in building any website, but especially those photography related pages. So, here’s what will make you a successful photo website builder!

  • Page loading has to be as quickly as possible. Visitors lose patience and very soon they will abandon the website in case it takes too much time for the page to be loaded. One thing web professionals tend to forget is that not every web visitors have an high-end device at home. Their devices are not able to handle all the advancements in high tech or, at least, not as well as your own computer.
  • The photography niche of certain business has to be instantly apparent. Too much creativity will confuse visitors and they wouldn’t be sure whether it’s wedding or commercial photographers. Think as a client: you check as many websites as possible, so those “undefined” ┬átabs you will close immediately.
  • Menu should be easy to navigate and VIEABLE.
  • Avoid unnecessary gimmick and graphics, especially the music. Most people close sites immediately when the music begins to play. Visitors don’t come to a photography website to listen to the music. For that purpose, they will visit other sites and listen to what they prefer. Not only that putting music on a photography website can be annoying, it will also slow down the page loading.