Jul 27

Challenges for a Mobile App Development Company and Their Solutions

challenges in mobile app developmentMobile application development has become a field of great innovation. Owing to this, literally millions of apps packed with features have been created and they are being of a lot of use. However, developers of mobile apps have to face many challenges in order to develop apps that are indeed valuable. When entrepreneurs assign the work of app development to a company, they should be aware of these challenges. Professionals at Accelerate, a company of mobile app development in Dubai, share here these challenges and their solutions.

Creating Noteworthy Apps

Mobile app development is obviously a market with cutthroat competition. Therefore, a constant pressure is faced by the developers to develop apps that are unique and noteworthy.

A solution to this can be creating an app which is great to look at. It should include usable features, and should have intuitive design and catchy graphics. Take help of popular apps in your niche regarding what works best with users. You will have to ponder upon the following thoughts:

  • What is my app aimed at?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What functions does the app have?
  • Will the app look totally new or an improvement or add-on to an existing one? If latter is the case, check the level of improvement.
  • Does the app have a market?

Remember that your app should be aimed mainly at making life easy, productive and delightful.

Funds for the App

Once you get a fantastic app idea, the problem of funding arises. Based on the nature of app, the funds needed range anywhere between $3,000 and $150,000. So, how to get that?

A solution to this is to meet the right investor. But before that, there are many other ways too to raise funds. For example, you can apply for loans, approach your social circle, ask your family and friends, and try joint venture entrepreneurs who invest in such applications. Another best alternative is to try crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or AppBackr. Another idea is to go for app contests if you are confident of your app.

Dealing with Varying Screen Sizes

Users will have devices with varying screen sizes; so, developing an app only for the most popular one is a strict no-no. So, here is the big challenge of creating an app that will work on as many screen sizes as possible. Different mobile platforms have various limitations depending upon their screen sizes, embedded technologies, pixel intensities, OS needs, etc. OS is also an important factor to consider. So, you have to be prepared to face a lot of bugs that will arise from time to time.

You will have to develop a responsive design which gives more liquidity to the screen and thus can be made suitable to different screen sizes and various formats. To deal with the challenge of OS, a market testing phase like alpha and beta version is advisable.

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