Jul 29

Chat Tools for Websites

web chatInternet has influenced our everyday life in such a way, that all businesses and organizations simply need to have a strong presence online. If you’re a web developer (or you aim to become a successful one), we’re quite sure that there’s a lot of pressure on you and your co-workers, web designers. It’s up to you to produce impressive and flawless results in shortest period of time possible. Luckily, there are several web developing tools that will make your life easier. We have asked web experts who offer IT services in Melbourne to recommend us chat tools they find useful. So, here they are! 


If you need a chat facility on a website, this tool will allow you to set up single- or multi-user chat rooms. Users can send, accept or decline chat requests and they can add status like available, busy etc. Converse.JS has the ability to translate into 16 languages (so far) and it can be screencast to chat with friends on jabber.org and Gmail. This tool can be integrated with popular web platforms such as WordPress and Roundcube. Being written in Javascript, Converse runs directly through web browser.


This tool lets website users to chat to each other, but on a much grander scale. Indeed, with this software, you’ll be able to create a very own social networking website. With its incredible user-friendly interface, HumHub lets users communicate and collaborate easily. Each user has their own V card, giving an overview of personal profile; they can post, comment, follow and like other users’ content or they can simply discuss and share files. In addition, HumHub is, as any good social networking option, mobile-friendly, too.

Crafty Synthax

This PHP programmed service can be installed in an external website at no cost. It offers users an opportunity to talk to a web master. The Crafty Synthax offers a good customization levels and it lets you monitor visitors and chat session. What’s more, a complete traffic analysis can be executed if you want to determine the exact origin of your website’s traffic.


This is probably one of the best free chat services nowadays. It features many nice complements, such as integrated real-time visitor monitoring feature allowing you to see instantly who’s on your website, as well as totally customizable chat elements. This service runs on your own server, meaning you have complete control over your data.

Of course, we’ve mentioned just some of the chat solutions that can make your web development job easier. In days to come, we’re sure there will be even better chat tools available!