Mar 02

Growing Use of Internet in India

internet in indiaThough India still falls in the category of “developing” nation by the rest of the world, the people here are fast progressing towards an amenity, more than even the Western countries – it’s the internet! The usage of internet is so widespread in India that soon the country is going to have the highest number of internet users according to expert analysts. Right from buying movie tickets to getting a duplicate voter id card online, more and more tasks are being done here through the internet and the country is expected to have 500 million users of internet by the end of 2016.

At present 40 crore people in India are using internet. This number is expected to grow up to 50 crore in the coming 5 to 8 months. And out of these, around 70% people will be accessing internet through their mobile phones.

Out of the population of around 125 crore of India, about 100 crore people have mobile phones, with 20 to 35 lakh being added every month.

The present NDA government in the country led my PM Narendra Modi is also making intentional efforts to awaken people about using the internet and continuously simplifying the procedures and policies of the government with a purpose of better governance and development. The government is aiming at getting the fame for setting Information Highways!

This surge of internet users is because of the surge of smartphone users as most people are using internet through their smartphones.

Urban Vs Rural

The latest report by IAMAI has stated that 71% of the estimated mobile internet users would be from urban areas. But the rural areas still have the potential of bringing about further growth of internet users, since in comparison to 2014, this number doubled in 2015 and in 2016, the growth percentage is expected to outgrow the previous figures.

Hunger for Data

It has been also seen that people are getting more and more hungry for data with each passing year. This growing hunger can be attributed to the enhancing mobile infrastructure and the easy availability of improved 3G and 4G connectivity with high speed.

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