Sep 10

4 Extra Features You should Look for while Choosing Your Web Host

extra features of web hostFinding a good web host is like finding a good place to live in. Web hosts are similar to various sorts of apartments available to you and features of the web hosts resemble the amenities provided by the building management. Not all web hosts are same and so, you should ensure that you won’t get something you’ll never use or realize later that you didn’t think of something before signing up, like you may want the best hosting accept Skrill and realize later that you didn’t check it. Following is the list of features you should look for in your ideal web host.

1. SSL Certification

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This certification forms an encryption over your website for the protection of yours as well as your visitor’s personal information. Levels of SSL certification vary and some of them are exclusive to individuals or organizations. Most leading web host companies provide their own SSL certificates. Third party companies also offer them if a web host company either has a SSL not strong enough or doesn’t offer one at all. A relatively new successor of SSL, Transport Layer Security (TSL) provides more security; but it’s still not available widely.

2. Advertising Credit

Some web hosting companies sometimes offer ads credit for Google AdWords and Yahoo!/Bing as a reward for signing up with them. Usually web host companies will provide $25 to $100 in ad credit. Such a free advertising opportunity is a good means of boosting traffic to your site.

3. eCommerce Software

If yours is a retail business, it’s vital to ensure that your hosting plan has or supports the software required for your clients to have the ability of holding and buying your products. As this is a feature not commonly offered by all web hosting companies, you should make sure if the company you want to deal with offers it before you sign up with them.

4. Email Feature

You may need only 1 or 2 email ids at the start of your website; but as your website and business grow, you may want more of them. Not all web hosting companies offer the feature of creating more than one email id with the name of your website via a third party application. Just like having multiple domain names, managing and doing marketing is easier if you have every email address provider in one place.

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