Jun 22

4 Great Tips for Choosing a Perfect Domain Name

domain nameChoosing a domain name is one of the most crucial parts of the domain purchasing process. Your website will represent your business and so, its name should be chosen carefully. eWallHost is offering .com unlimited registrations for only $2.99. The offer is available only till 30th June; so, hurry and grab the offer with the coupon code given below. On this occasion, here are some useful tips for choosing the right domain name.

1. Choose an Easy-to-read-and-type Domain Name

You want to optimize your site for search engines; however, you want a domain name which can be easily remembered by people. The name should also be easy to type. So, avoid weird spellings that people cannot remember. The domain should also be devoid of multiple hyphens, numbers, other characters, in short, anything that people can’t remember easily. So, if anyone has to type the domain name, s/he shouldn’t need to ask if it is 4 or four, and dash-dash etc.

You also must avoid names with words that are spelt in more than one way as that can confuse your visitors and they may mistype the name. Remember that word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways of marketing and in that case, people should be able to remember your site’s name while telling other people about it and the other people too should remember it.

2. Don’t Use Slang Words

Slang words are temporary and soon forgotten; so, only within a few months, their meanings change or they are altogether forgotten. Instead, choose meaningful words that will be remembered forever and even non-native users will remember your domain name.

3. Choose a Shorter Domain Name

Longer domain names are difficult to remember. Plus, there are high chances that most people will misspell one of the words. However, you will find most short domain names are taken up already. But still you can have shorter domain names with a little creativity. You can add a verb or adjective before it and check if such a name is available.

4. Stay Away from Trademarks

If you are planning to buy a domain name in which an established brand is involved so that you can confuse people and get sales, you are exposing yourself to chances of a complaint filed against you and losing your domain name. And though you don’t want to confuse people, you can’t avoid legal problems. The best thing you can do is search if the name you are planning to have as your domain name is trademarked by someone else.

Take these precautions while choosing your domain name and have an appropriate name for your website with the fantastic offer by eWallHost of getting a domain name for just $2.99!

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