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Bitcoin VPS – The Best Option for Total Confidentiality and Anonymity

bitcoin VPS 4The term Bitcoin Hosting was not known to many until cryptocurrencies got viral over the internet. By now, bitcoin has become the most successful cryptocurrency within just a couple of years with its value increasing from a few dollars to a thousand dollars for every single unit. Because of its unstable value at the initial stages, this type of currency was considered as only an opportunity to invest; however, now bitcoin payment has become common, especially for online services. For example, offers Bitcoin VPS along with Offshore VPS, Offshore Hosting and more.

Can You Pay for VPS with Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is both generated and held electronically. Rather than being printed like the traditional currency, bitcoins are generated by people and businesses by making use of software that can work out mathematical problems. Bitcoins is perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency on the planet at the moment. Taking this into consideration, several websites have begun allowing payments in the form of bitcoins. Providers of virtual private servers too have joined the trend. With bitcoin payment for VPS, you can maintain a great level of anonymity.

Benefits of Paying for VPS through Bitcoins

Why to pay for VPS through bitcoins when traditional methods are available? People are preferring bitcoin payment for a reason, in fact many reasons. There are certain distinct benefits of bitcoin VPS. Here are some:

Complete Anonymity

The most unique and appealing feature of bitcoins is they are completely discreet. You can choose to publish your own transactions in bitcoins; but if you don’t do that, no one can track your transaction. The reason for this is unlike cash purchases, the person can never be connected to the transaction s/he is doing. Even the anonymous address created for each bitcoin transaction changes and so, your anonymity is maintained completely. So, if you want that nobody should know that you have purchased a VPS, you can pay for it with bitcoins and it’s a perfectly valid method of payment.

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Third Party Interruptions Eliminated

Another very prominent benefit of bitcoins is no third party financial entity, like governments, banks etc can meddle with your transactions or stop you from doing them. Moreover, they don’t even have the authority to freeze any bitcoin account. Being a peer to peer system, bitcoin offers its users a great freedom, much higher than the use of traditional national currency. So, you can use even servers from other countries without any disturbance or having to perform any additional procedures needed by the governments of either country.

Low Transaction Fees

Choosing a VPS provider in another country brings ridiculously high charges in terms of fees as well as service charges. In addition to that, there are also chances of losses because of exchange rates. With bitcoin payment, on the other hand, as governments have no involvement in the transactions, fees and other charges are minimal, even up to the level of negligible. Another fact that bitcoin payments are done almost instantly eliminates your waiting period which is usually a normal thing with transactions in traditional currencies. Further to add to the benefits, you don’t need any authorization, so more of your time is saved.

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You can Also Do Mobile Payment

Ability to do the payment through any device is very convenient and comfortable. Bitcoin payments can be done through your cell phone and even in that case, you don’t need to disclose any of your information.

Quality of Service Maintained

It is also important to remember that bitcoin payment doesn’t in any way hamper the quality of VPS service provided.

No Inflation

Inflation is the result of creation of more money by governments every year. It reduces the value of traditional currencies. In case of bitcoins, there is no chance of inflation as the system has been programmed to have a notional limit of 21 million.

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Offshore Bitcoin VPS

Offshore VPS is usually preferred by people against servers available in their own country to maintain anonymity. The reason for this is that offshore VPS is tough to trace and so, offers higher anonymity. Another reason for people for preferring offshore VPS is the speed a foreign country server offers as compared to servers present in their countries. Offshore VPS can also be purchased with bitcoins. The above mentioned Liberty VPS also offers offshore bitcoin VPS. Moreover, there are various options available ranging from top of the line servers to more economical ones. Additionally, if you opt for bitcoin payment, you can also get extra protection from hackers and malware through services like Bitcoin DDoS Protection.

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Why VPS and Why Liberty VPS?

VPS is Economical: Whether you are the owner of a small business or a big venture, VPS is seemingly your best bet. Gone are the days when VPS technology was new and so, was a bit expensive. Today VPS is the best option you get at a much affordable price.

VPS Offers High Quality: You may not consider the saving of money as your main criterion of choosing a hosting. But why to pay more when VPS is offering you high quality service? It offers a more reliable service without the events of breakdowns that are usually the cases with other hosting services.

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Location: VPS is the best choice for those who have sensitive information in their websites prone to interference by external and/or malicious elements. Sensitive information can come into the notice of hackers, governments and other third party factors; in that case, VPS, especially located in an offshore location, provides you great safety and protection. With VPS you have the peace of mind that your data is safe.

Liberty VPS is Located in the Netherlands: Servers of Liberty VPS are located in the Netherlands. They are private and linked to Level 3 and Hurricane Electric Internet uplink providers. They offer total confidentiality and ensure you a high quality offshore hosting service.

So, if you are planning to have a website for your business or any other venture that you want to make totally confidential, consider the option of Bitcoin VPS and a provider like Liberty VPS to get the desired peace of mind.

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