Jan 14

Finding an Excellent VPS Hosting Provider

PickVPSWhether you are trying to set up a personal web presence or looking for an online opening for your business, ensuring the continued operation of your VPS (Virtual Private Server) plan is no doubt important. If your server abruptly stops working, or is too slow to handle traffic, your visitors will possibly move to an alternative website that fulfills their requirements. And it’s here that a VPS host like PickVPS – an excellent VPS hosting provider, steps in.

PickVPS is always there to shoot away your troubles because great customer support is the core of their business.

Investing in a VPS hosting provider is like investing in technology and that means you should find the best VPS hosting technology, hardware and software. PickVPS uses the best technology available on the market. PickVPS also provides an email hosting for your business for a small setup fee, with a POP/MAP/SMTP supports for almost every software and device and also a webmail interface.

PickVPS also provides a dedicated DNS hosting with your own nameserver. You have a full control through DNS Web control panel.

With PickVPS your system will be load balanced and safe from attacks and DDoS because of CloudBehind WebSheet. With their partner they promise to offer you the best price too.

Another thing to see while choosing the VPS hosting provider is the ease in using it. PickVPS is fully managed through SolusVM Control Panel and it is pretty easy to manage VPS like shutdown, reinstall OS, reboot, etc just with a few clicks.

PickVPS has an experienced security team and take care of all online security issues at all levels. Online safety is an important aspect and PickVPS fulfills your safety needs.

A remarkable feature of PickVPS is customization. If you find all plans not fit for your needs and want to customize the configuration like Gbit Uplink, cPanel License, more IPs, etc, you can do that. You just need to contact them about your needs and they will happily help you out.

What’s more, PickVPS offer free site migration service for every contract for 3 months or more.

With so many outstanding features and an excellent and cooperative customer support, PickVPS is one of the best VPS host providers on the web, which offers you the best technology at an affordable price. Visit their website and check what their clients say about them; this way you can see for yourself whether PickVPS can be really helpful for you or not.