Sep 19

Five Different Options of Web Hosting

It is very interesting to build and launch websites. With so many resources that are available on internet it is absolutely easy to do it these days. Once you start a website, the first thing that you need is hosting for your website, there are many services that provide web hosting services, so it should not be difficult to find a service that can take care of your site. You can concentrate on other aspects of your site once your site is put on a server.

 Normally there are five kinds of hosting available in the market to choose from.

 1. Free Webhosting: Free hosting, as the name itself says there will be no fee or any other type of cost included here, this type of hosting can help you in saving hundreds of dollars. Server specifications may not be very good in this type of hosting, so if your website is related to some serious business, interactive services or communities then this may not be appropriate for you.

 2. Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is the next level of hosting, here the resources are shared but the server specifications are still much more better compared to free hosting. These servers always give more features classifying from script installations of one click to FTP access and free email accounts. Overall you can trust on these types of servers and they are very affordable when it comes to the fees of hosting. This is always the safest option for starting a blog that you are hoping to earn some money from in future.

 3. Virtual Web Hosting: Since more than one website is hosted on shared hosting and all the sites on the server have access to the same resources and operating system, shared hosting plans are not in your control. The same configuration from shared hosting is used in virtual hosting but it adds an extra layer of virtualization where each hosting account receives virtual environment of its own. Basically this puts you in an environment of dedicated hosting, it is good if you want to know how to manage your server.

 4. Semi-dedicated hosting: It is more completely developed next level or version of web hosting because here you get both performance improvements and stability without paying the monthly fee. The servers used in this type of hosting are stronger and they are evenly shared among a group of small number of users.

 5. Dedicated Hosting: In this type of hosting you will have complete access to a server and you will manage the rights to configure the server according to your needs completely. Your site will take the complete benefit of the abilities of server and it will also give you more than what you expected so hosting more than one website on one server is something to consider.