Aug 13

Things to Remember While Choosing Cheap Webhosting

It is important to consider few things when it comes to setting up a new website, no matter what is the size of your business. The first important thing to keep in mind is that you have to make sure that you have a domain name to register. If you don’t have a domain name, others might take that opportunity to take that url. Having the proper domain name is very important in moving ahead with the time that we are living in. If you are not sure about the name, or just in the initial stages of your search for cheap web hosting, then don’t move ahead. You should wait until you get a good domain name, then enter a hosting account. With different web hosting services out there, it can be difficult to find the best one for you. You should consider below mentioned things in order to make your search easy.

1. First low price, then high price: Low price quote is the first thing that will come to your notice with hosts of today, the prices increase later. In the beginning you will get a very low quote, but when it is time to renew your account the price gets doubled or tripled sometimes. Some companies also offer free hosting for the first year, and in second year you will have to pay a high price. You should always be aware of such scams and they can attract you in, and cause complications later.

2. Domain name includes: While looking for cheap or affordable web hosting, you shouldn’t forget to see if the domain name is included in the package with the registration. The registration that you will need to use is very vital, and will help you in the competition. When you have your web hosting plan and domain name in one place, your name servers get updated faster and transfer is also very easy in case if you want to leave the company that you have been hosting with.

3. Up Time: When you own a website, it is obvious that you want it to be up throughout the day and night. And for that the servers of web hosting company should be up all the time. The up time that a server provides should be always 99.99% . Many companies provide servers that run all the time, which a good thing, but some have lower rates of running. You should always look for a web hosting that assures of 100% uptime.