Dec 19

Web Hosting – Eight Critical Points to Consider

The most important thing in everything you do is to know what you are looking for. If you want to find web hosting that is perfect for your website, this is exactly the first thing you should determine. Then, it would not be easy to be confused by some “sincere” testimonials and quirky marketing. There are eight critical points to consider before making the right decision. Tech support, Number of Domains, Number of e-mails, FTP accounts / Databases, Storage space, Up-time percentage, Bandwidth, Blog Friendly and e-Commerce.

Tech support is a very important feature, because online business is dynamic and problems always arise. If the users are not able to keep their website live and to fix unexpected problems, everything else does not matter.  The real support is there for the clients 24/7 and it is available by e-mail, chat or phone. For the website business beginners, phone support is of vital importance. Even though many users start up online business with the idea that a single domain would be enough, the collection of domains usually grows over time. Thus, it is wise to choose the hosting company that allows multiple domain packages. Hopefully, as the business grows, more and more staff members will be hired so  it could be useful to choose the package that allows each team member to have their on domain based e-mail address. Storage space is important for downloadable videos sellers, live streaming video feeds or huge catalogs with thousands of high resolution images, but for common websites a few gigabytes is sufficient.

Up-time means online business hours. It is measured in nines, and for example “4 nines” means 99.99%, which means approximately 53 minutes per year of downtime. Downtime means that the server is closed, as well as the website. The amount of transferred data from the website to clients downloading it is measured by bandwidth. For average site this is not significant and basic packages usually covers everything needed. Blog friendly feature means single click installation of WordPress software and this is very convenient for any website and experience an owner has. If some online store is what website owner has as an idea, e-commerce tools are of high interest. In this case, website owner should look for quality and quantity of tools hosting companies provide, as well as security because it would be the key to the online business success.